American Ifa in America: “My Collected Essays on American Ifa”

book AThis book provides the ideology and fundamentals of American Ifa in America. This book clarifies the cause of its beginning and stresses the importance of being able to practice Ifa – Orisa where you live. It also eliminates the fear-mongering fabrications, misogynistic and cyber-bullying tactics used against American practitioners. This book provides the glue to mend the broken culture bowl for the people who are hungry and looking for the strength, positive energy and spiritual support of their West African Ancestors on their spiritual journey. Finally, this book will give understanding behind the philosophy of American Ifa and the founder’s vision.




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American Ifa Fa Afa (501c3) – 15th ANNUAL IFA IN AMERICAN/USA READI2024 ifa reading pictureNG

FOR 2024 was done Thursday, December 21st, 2023 @ 5 pm in the State of Florida at Ile Ikoko Ata, for the total United States, regions, and territories followers. (this is for those who follow us)


WARS, WARS, AND MORE WARS. Wars are to be fought and won. Everyone believes that they are unique and better than the next person yet we all are born to die. No one lives forever. Nevertheless, where there is life, there is hope. Judgment of our character is made from someone else’s vision or ideas of what a person’s character should and should not be. It’s not always the amount of money in someone’s bank account. Ifa sees people playing checkers and chess… tit-for-tat. There are people who believe that they are smarter than the next. But there is always someone smarter. Some of us keep holding on to bad people who we call friends. Just like bad shoes that hurt our feet. It is time to let those old, bad habits and so-called friends go. Sacrifices to survive are the key. Learn to love yourself and not someone else, people. Live by example. Give respect to receive respect; one hand washes the other. This year Ifa speaks about the continuance of contagious diseases, illnesses, and old or bad foods that will bring iku (death). Death is boldly at many doors that are not marked. The blood flows and runs through and out of the veins. There is no happiness on either side of the coin.

There are continuous wars on the womb, women, children, men, and the earth, but more extreme. War on families and wars between siblings become enemies and bring total divides within the family. Learn to have patience and tolerance. We can win half the wars with a calm head. Use the head for more than wearing a hat, cap, or wig. Don’t be so impulsive. The name of the game is to save ourselves by thinking and planning before executing. Otherwise, many people will lose their wealth, health, life, and everything they worked for through greed and envy for wealth.

Like the elders once said, the truth sets us apart. Some people will have a spiritual awakening while walking around like zombies. Believe me, the dead will not let us forget them. We have not learned our lessons from years of mistakes.

There will be a lot of uncertainties. There is no stability in the home or on the job. Things will change as we look for a crutch to hold us up. 2024 brings an interlink of circles where chaos, death, and sickness are born from that womb. Have faith in God’s truth and be mindful and careful of opinions from people that you take as truth.

May Olodumare bless us all.


Babaolorisa threw Obi and poured Nangare

Ancestors: Ejife

Esu Baralayiki: ejife


ODU OGBE OTURUPON (alias: Ogbe’trupon, Ogbe’tumako, Ogbe’tomokpon, Ogbe’etrukpon)

Ire elese egun (ancestors) kote yale










Leading Orisa: Obaluaye (BabaluAye)

Accompanying Orisa: Oya

Supporting the Orisas: Iyamiis and Ancestors

Other Orisas: Obatala Orunmila, Ogun, Sango, and Oshossi


Ifa said that “The earth is full of criminals,”

“Where there’s life, there is hope”

“Cool head wins all war,”

“Love yourself so you can love others,”

“Learn from your mistake”,

“Child prodigy”

MAFEREFUN: Esu, Orunmila, Obaluaye, Oya, Sango,


KEYWORDS: Weapon, ori, chaos, death, argument, wars, conflicts, characteristic, women, children, respect, love, Mothers, ebos, illegal, prison, money, rain, moderation, curiosity, drinking alcohol,

FLAG: The color of this flag this year in three colors: white center, with a green band, followed by a purple band

NOTE: ONLY use palm oil for the witches again this year, and give peanut oil for the Orisas and Ikins


  • Warriors
  • Kofa or Awofaka
  • Olokun


  • Bleo Blanco
  • Frescura
  • Verdolaga
  • Atiponla
  • Lemon grass


  • Put grass skirt (raffia or palm fronds) over purple fabric and wrap around Ogun
  • Give Ogun a bottle of oti (liquor) unopened
  • Clean 3 baby chicks and let them go in the woods for Iyamiis
  • Clean yourself with bread and throw it in the streets for the birds
  • Clean yourself with bird seeds and throw it to the birds in the woods
  • Clean yourself with dark fruits if you don’t feel well and give them to the Ibeji (Twins)
  • Take nine peeled boiled eggs with palm oil in a gourd to the woods for the iyamiis
  • Osanyin wants charcoal
  • Clean yourself with mixed dry beans and throw in tall grass if you don’t BabaluAye
  • Do Awan for BabaluAye
  • Feed Esu Afra one rooster if you have it
  • Feed Oya a black hen if you have Orisa Oya
  • Do ebo when traveling long distance
  • Give something to Oya at the gate of the cemetery if you don’t have Orisa Oya


  • Be careful where you eat at and from. The food can be spoiled and poisoned
  • Be careful of accidents – on the road, traveling, and in the home
  • Be careful of fires – candles or electrical
  • Be careful of animal bites
  • Be careful of natural disasters
  • Be careful with your health. When you are sick, go to the doctor. Also, clean yourself with a red onion and bury it in the woods. You can also clean them with mixed dried beans and throw them in the woods.
  • Do 21 spiritual herbal bath with Babaluaye’s herbs


  • Don’t drink and intoxication
  • No alcohol or illegal substance – need always to have a clear head
  • No abortion
  • Don’t do any illegal business
  • Don’t do favors
  • No red or black clothes
  • Don’t gossip
  • Don’t tell secrets and lies
  • Don’t be envious
  • Don’t do threesome sexual acts
  • Don’t be a busybody.. don’t be in everyone’s business. You will blame for the problem or war
  • Don’t be cheap on the person you live with.
  • Don’t wear red or black clothing. If you have to because of your job; wear white under them and take the red and or black clothes immediately after work. Why wear the same colors that are used to work you?
  • Don’t eat hot pepper, hot sauce, and a lot of red sauce this year.
  • Don’t have dogs in the house. Dog lovers – check your skin for any abnormalities. In one odu ifa it tells us how the dog didn’t do ebo, but the cat did. At the end of the day, it is your choice and will be your decision.
  • Don’t wear other people’s clothes


  • Take care of the children
  • Child Prodigy is born in this Odu
  • Stay physically and spiritually clean by meditation, exercise, and eating healthy
  • There is a new spiritual awakening that will be a rude awakening for many people
  • You have to be spiritually grounded in order to win the wars
  • Remember you have a choice, you have your own will, and you have a destiny that was pre-written in Orun (heaven) before you were born. The punishment is yours and no one else.
  • Women need to stay close to doctors if they are pregnant. There will be a lot of stillborn babies (Abiku)
  • There is a lot of turmoil and conflicts that will create heated arguments and violence
  • Women are going to fight back with weapons. Women are going to rise up against men’s abuse and physically fight back. Men have to learn that they can’t control something on someone else body that was given by God. This will cause more women to go to jail. This will leave more Orphan children in the world.
  • Men need to take care of the outside of the home, and women take care of the inside of the home. Together, they will have harmony.
  • Women need to put honey on their tongues to smooth out their bitterness. Speak a little softer to win.
  • Women have to learn to bite their lip a little bit and think smarter. Everything in your head doesn’t need to be said. Because it will come back later and haunt you.
  • If you have warriors, Ogun and Oshossi, that are together in one pot; this year, you have to get your godparents to separate them … everyone needs their own space.
  • Take care and service your kofa, awokafa or Ifa, if you it. If not, try to find a good Ifa Awo and receive it, as well as how to take care of it
  • Many people need to change. Find a good support system
  • More men will lose their lives in 2024
  • There will be a lot shred blood, and you don’t want it to be your blood
  • You have to have more faith in what you believe when it comes to your spirituality or this way of life. If you don’t have faith in what you practice…why are you practicing that religion? You have to believe in Olodumare (GOD) 100%, orisas, and ancestors
  • Think before you jump into any contract or situation. There are people who want to dethrone you. Take you from your position. People want to tear you down. Be smarter. Think before you leap.
  • Take the Iyamiis, a soup with different cooked meats with white rice and palm oil in a gourd. Take it to the woods and leave it by a tree that has a hole. Pray for abundance and good health as you are fixing it.
  • There are a lot of unknown rashes. If you have skin rashes or sores or a mole, go to the doctor to get checked. You want to be cancer-free.
  • People who are innocent will be accused of wrongdoing
  • Give Esu a mouse trap so he can catch your enemies and your money. If your Esu presently has one. You need to reset and replace it or ask Esu what to do.
  • Be careful pointing fingers (always remember there are always three fingers on that same hand pointing back at you)
  • Leave old and non-working relationships (regardless of friendship or intimate lover relationship). Those relationships are holding you back
  • There is a need to build new relationships in 2024
  • Be honest and don’t lie.
  • Go to a cemetery and clean off trash graves and fix the headstones of the forgotten ones
  • Remember Ancestors
  • If the father is dead, do a special party for his spirit to elevate.
  • Have patience and have good character (iwa rere)
  • Pay attention to taboos


Zarabando and Mama Chola, 2-8

  • Uncertainties
  • Learn to love ourself
  • Learn from past mistakes
  • Fake shamans
  • Lack of ancestral practices
  • Justice and legalization
  • Brothers against brothers (siblings war)
  • 2 hens to Mama Chola and 3 roosters to Zarabando
  • Give the hen entrail with palm oils to Iyamiis


Oloye Iyanifa Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi (Ayaba OchaBi Fabuluje-Faseye)

Babaolorisha/Oriate Turbado Marabou-Oduusola Esudine Faseye

Apetibi Olaifa Faseye

Awotunde Ifaseye

EfunYale Faseye – Terri Bailey

Yasmin Jackson

Zaneta Allen

Tasha Ervin

Akayia Riche

Andria Parker

Ebony Baxter

Travis Baxter

Chanel Lord


Orunmila and Ela

Orisa Odu & IyaNla

Ogbogbo Ancestors

Ogbogbo Orisas




For more information:

By Ọba Ifágbèmí Fásẹ̀yẹ Babátúndéoba

The goal of this book is to simplify the concepts of Ifa view and practice, and to empower the practitioner.

Written by one of the leaders of the modern Ifa tradition, Practical Foundations of Ifa is a primer for those readers interested in a pragmatic introduction to the Ifa tradition and a blueprint on the caring and maintaining of an Ifa shrine.

This handbook is suitable both for those who have already received a hand of Ifa (Isefa) or initiation to Ifa (Itefa/Itelodu), and also offers a fair and balanced view of what to expect for those who may just want more information, before deciding if Ifa practice is right for them. Written from a flexible point of view, and with full color illustrations on high-quality paper, this handbook is an excellent resource.

Notable topics include:

  • Cultivating a healthy view and practice on the Ifa and Orisa traditions
  • The core concepts of Ifa practice at the entry level, and a template for a sustainable home practice for personal use
  • Introduction to the Orisa pantheon and West African cosmology
  • How to propitiate and care for an Ifa shrine at home, including divining for yourself and making basic offerings
  • Illumination of some of the underlying threads that make for successful interfacing with fellow Ifa worshipers and devotees
  • Over 100 Ifa verses to support and inform various topics

There is no substitute for a formal teacher or guide in the practice; rather this handbook will effectively supplement training provided by a competent teacher, and provide an example of one iteration of Ifa practice.

AMERICAN IFA (501c3) – 14th Annual Ifa in America reading for 2023

American Ifa Fa ifa reading pixAfa (501c3) – 14th Annual Ifa in America USA reading for 2023 was done Wednesday, December 21st, 2022 @ 1pm in the State of Florida at the Ile Ikoko Ata for all of the United States, regions, and territories followers (for those who follow us).
The first appearance is the everlasting impression. Here is another year of uncertainties and division with wars, battles, debts, liars and not-so-honest people, economic difficulty, bankruptcies, close friends who are now separated friends, divorces, infectious diseases, bloodshed, iku, and so on. The MOTHERS are not happy with the destruction of the earth, women, and the womb. Ifa said that there is too much cruelty to women and children of all cultures. Ifa said that Orunmila is the one who believes that people are totally out of control and need mending. Over a period of time, people have been whitewashing Ifa and Orisa to only destroy them. People are continuously leaving spirituality on the fence as they dip into many other religions. Yes, you may speak and do whatever you like. At the end of the day, let’s leave crazy and mental illness out of the equation. Many of us have to accept the facts that we might not be as smart as we claim. Ifa speaks about how we are repeating the lessons we have not learned from the past. For example, preparing and growing food. Or taking good care of our health as well as our elders. There is an old saying, “when the old woman dies the library burns down.” We have to listen and learn from our elders. Now, we are here again with the same problems as yesterday as we move towards a new day in the future. No one knows who is who because no one is honest and truthful. The MOTHERS will help Orunmila fix and separate as they protect the women and children from the crazy and confused. At the end of the day, it is the same old story that said “your head got you into this mess and your head will get you out” because you are your own worst enemy. You have make it work for you in a positive way. Try getting out of your way and pray a lot.
Babaolorisa Oriate Turbado EsuDina threw obi and poured Nangare
ANCESTORS: Obi: Etawa Ire / Alafia
Services (9 plates of different foods, 9 drinks, 9 pieces of bread, 1 cigar, and flowers, 2 candles).
Leave for 24 Hours then take to the woods do not litter.
(rum and 2 candles)
Everything is uncertain. There is a lot of distraction, change, Ori, infection is sickness. There is hunters out there hunting for you just as you hunt for them. This year will bring struggles when you try to make harmony. There will be more division. So, pay attention to the prior changes and issues. As proceed into the year, open your eyes and your mind. Be careful of people’s negativity, witchcraft and the witches.
“The hunted will be hunted”
“There will be struggling for harmony and divisions”
“pay attention to prior changes and issues”
“Proceed with on your destiny with open eyes and mind”
“Be careful with negativity and witch and witchcraft”
Osogbo unforeseen tragedies due to Ori (thinking). Ori can get you in trouble and ori can get you out of trouble. It’s ogbe that put 2023 in osogbo combo with Orisa Odu, Mothers , and the Womb.
1st Odu: Irete
2nd Odu: Ogbe
Leading Orisa: Obatala – Orisa Oshanla
Accompanying Orisa: Babaluaye
Supporting the Orisa: Oshun, Yemaya and Ogun
Also Give thanks to Obatala, Babaluaye, and Shango.
#1 prayer offered:
MAFEREFUN: Gbogbo Orisa (Orisha)
FLAG COLOR: White with a purple border
•A cool head wins all wars
•Bit by bit the snake ate the head of the rat
•Palm oil will stain your white clothes
•Not so poor that you can see your backside
•The head leads the body
•Both the negative and positive energy is presented
•The hand reaches higher than the head
•Two inseparable friends are separated
•Everything you have is everything you missed
•Money sits on the head
•Debts hang around the neck
•Esu is the protector of the City
•The odu of double language or tongue
•You are poor today and wealthy tomorrow
•Patience and tolerance is the key towards winning the battle or wars
Use peanut oil for ifa and orisa; give the palm oil to the Iyamiis as well as cook with it
•The battle on earth
•Honesty and truth
•White light
•Lack of vision
•Infectious disease
•Loss and tears
•White cloth
•Lymph nodes
•Stomach problems
•Respiratory system
•Spinal column
•Blood vessel
•Lymph nodes
•New born
•Human will
•Celestial body
•Economic difficulty
1. Jobo
2. Prodigiosa
3. Ceiba
4. Algodon (cotton)
5. Iroko
6. Atiponla
7. Palo bobo
1. Esu gets a rat (bush rat).
2. Ogun gets a pigeon at the door for protection against harm.
3. 16 snails to Obatala (if you have Obatala).
4. Give Oshun gold and perfume (if you have Oshun); or take sweets to the river.
5. Give Yemaya dark fruits.
6. Ochoosi get a rooster.
1. Don’t do black magic.
2. Don’t smoking around Ifa or in igbodun.
3. Don’t raise your hit anyone.
4. Don’t wear red and black clothes; those are your enemies. Use for spiritual work.
5. No salt or spicy foods or red sauces.
6. Don’t card gambling because you will go bankrupt.
7. Don’t sleep with other people’s people; no cheating.
8. No incest or rape.
9. No intestinal food. Liver, gizzards, chitlins.
10. No feet or head of any animal.
11. Hotdogs made with pig intestines. Those made without intestines are fine.
12. Avoid breaking the law. No speeding. Wear your seat-belt.
13. Don’t be smoking illegal drugs and driving. No riding dirty and low.
14. No drinking any type of alcohol. wine, Beer, liquor. When you are high your Ori don’t think well.
15. No illegal substances that alters your mind.
16. No substances that alter your decisions and your mind.
17. Do not take anything from the dead.
18. Do not steal what you don’t own.
19. No weapons, because it will used against you.
20. Don’t hide stuff beneath the bed or between the mattress.
21. Don’t buy or live in a corner house. Be careful of accidents. Put up barriers if you already do live in one.
22. Do not play in the rain. This is how you avoid getting sick.
23. Don’t eat sweet potato, sour-sop and peanuts; they are taboo.
24. Leftovers are a no-no. It can go bad and sickness will follow.
25. Don’t wear stripped or torn clothes.
26. Don’t do errands at night.
•Need to get annual physical
•Be careful of infectious disease
•Be careful bad medical diagnosis
•Ejiogbe says Good character
•Having patience and tolerance
•Wear white as much as possible if your job requires dark colors = wear white under your uniform and then take it off when you get home. If you can’t wear white, wear light colored clothing. No black, no red clothing.
•Cool head wins all wars
•Pick your wars and your battles because you won’t win all of them.
•Learn from your past.
•Respect old people. Even if they curse you out.
-Lot of elders will leave us in 2023.
•Obatala is judging everyone no matter who your guardian angel is.
•And he’ll come to your rescue but you have to be right.
•Be nice to the deformed and disabled.
•Identify who is on the other side of the door before you open the door.
•Know the difference between night and day. Night time is for sleeping and day time is for working.
•If you are already in your bed and someone comes and knocks on your door at night do not get up to open the door even if they say it’s god knocking.
•Be careful of close friends or relatives becoming ill with infectious diseases.
•Wear protective gear out if you have to be out in the sun.
•Learn to keep your secrets to yourself.
•Never have fun at other people’s expense.
•Be careful of fires in your house not just from candles, but also electrical shortages.
•Women and men should not wear tight clothing.
•You always have to have your hair neat, washed and clean. You must be groomed.
•You cannot wear clothes that have rips in it.
•No clothes that have been mended. Throw them away.
•You cannot walk the fence when it comes to religion and spirituality. The dog has four legs and when he comes to an intersection, he still can only walk one way. You can’t be a people pleaser. You have to walk your own path.
•You can’t go on Ferris wheels or stairs that spiral upwards.
•When you are not in your right mind, you will conduct yourself in a foolish manner that will bring ruin to your life. Avoid things that will cloud your judgement and your mind.
•You have to walk your destiny. Nobody else’s.
•You need to feed your Ogun a pigeon at the door. The pigeon can be any color.
•Whatever you have pending you need to get it done. If you were supposed to get Palo, warriors, Olokun, etc get it done.
•The ones with Obatala you have to give 16 snails. If you don’t have Obatala, you don’t have to do anything.
•Daughters of Yemaya – she wants to bring you good fortune, don’t abandon her.
•You have to be careful of jealousy and evil eyed people. Betrayal.
•You can’t seek revenge on anybody.
•Bless my enemies based upon their intent. What you wish for me let it be for you.
•Stay away from spicy food. No spaghetti, no red foods. No salt. You can use very little sea salt.
•Be careful with your heart, head, bones.
•Be careful of high blood pressure.
•Women watch your ovaries.
•Men be careful of your prostate.
•Attend to your guardian angel. Tend to them. Learn more about them. That way your guardian angel will back you up.
•Bathe in an herbal bath. 21 herbs.
•If you do the right thing, you can make great wealth.
•Can’t have many sexual partners.
•Tend to your Esu.
•Sweep and clean where you live.
•Circulation. Do some exercise.
•Protect your eyes, legs, and feet.
•First impressions. Don’t be vain and egotistic. Be humble. Be respectful. Don’t brag. Be presentable. Don’t look like a pauper.
•If you are in this way of life, you need respect the things you have.
•Be careful of wars. You have to be careful of the government creating divisions and wars. Know how to protect yourself.
•Beware of rumors and gossip. You will be judge.
•If you do the right thing, you can be successful. You’ll have a lot of opportunities. Don’t partner with people. You need to be in business by yourself; you need to be the only operator. You need to be the boss- CEO.
•Keep praying to meet your goals. Always give thanks to your guardian angel.
•If it is a rat, call it a rat not a rabbit.
CLOSING ODU: Ogunda Irete (come to confirmed Ejiogbe)
•Don’t lie or abuse women.
•Don’t kill butterflies.
•Don’t be cruel.
•Don’t put of what you can do today for tomorrow.
•Don’t promise anything to anybody.
•Don’t carry any weapons.
•You have to be careful of arguments that turn into something fatal.
•Removal of obstacles provides renewed life.
•Be truthful but keep your thoughts to yourself.
•Go to Oya for children.
•Iyami for wealth.
•Power by the Ori
•Clean yourself with pork or pork chops and give it to Ogun and if you don’t have Ogun take it to the train track.
•The secrets of zombies. People walk around lost. Religions are separated. Nothing in their heads, clueless.
•Nobody believes the Awo.
•Moral law that governs the life of human beings.
•Be careful of women and men gossiping they create big problems.
•Speaks about wars, civil wars, gang wars, and family wars.
•If you entrust your secrets to your friends, you become a slave to your friends.
•Betrayal, unlimited ambition
•This odu says that homosexuality try to assimilate the secrets of the religion. If they don’t respect Ifa in its original form, they can lose their mind.
•Give thanks to Ogun, Orunmila, and the mothers.
•Take baths in omiero to get rid of the dirt.
•Ifa prohibits a man with two women.
•Be honest and be decent. Be careful of tragedy and gossip.
•Respect Obatala. Ogun will stand up for Obatala. If you are wrong, Obatala is giving permission to Ogun to go to battle with you.
•Be careful of jail.
•Whatever you start you must finish or accept the failure.
•It is through Olokun we come into the world and thru Olokun will leave.
•A lot of bad weather and floods.
•Lot of bloodshed and destruction.
•Grow your own food.
•Ifa will become the boss on Earth.
•You must offer sacrifice to your Ori.
•Wash your private area with white flowers or basil.
PALO MAYOMBE (for those who practice):
Mama Chola
EBO: 5 hens and leave the heads inside. Give also sweet clear wine and perfume.
Fine cornmeal, river water, fresh parsley, and honey. Parsley in bender with honey and a little water. Make a paste with the cornmeal. Wash your hands with it and pray for owo (money). Rinse with river water and pat dry. On the fifth day, with the leftover paste do the same with your body. You can’t pick up trash during this time.
Oloye Iyanife Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi-Spencer (Ayaba OchaBi Fabuluji-Faseye)
Babaolorish/Oriate Turbado Marabou-Odusola Esudina Faseye
Apetibi Olaifa Faseye
Awotunde Faseye
Apetibi EfunYale – Terri Bailey
Antonio Jefferson
Antwan Jefferson
Lamonteria Johnson
Yasmin Jackson
Jamal Anderson
Derrick Hill
Keyanna Smith
Chanel Lord
Ebony Baxter
Cason Lyons
Yolanda Ross
Kerkland Kerr, Jr.
Orunmila & Ela
Orisa Odu & IyaNla
Ogbogbo Ancestors
Ogbogbo Orisas

American Ifa Fa Afa (501c3) – 13th Annual Ifa in American/USA reading for 2022

2022 reading ifa

American Ifa Fa Afa (501c3) – 13th Annual Ifa in American/USA reading for 2022 was done Tuesday, December 21st, 2020 @ 1pm in the State of Florida at Ile Ikoko Ata, for the total United States, regions, and territories followers.


Wars on viruses. Wars on injustice. Wars against racism, books and religions. Ifa advises us to make offering and ebos for protection. This is a strong and powerful odu sign going into 2022 after two years of viruses, racism, injustice, and abuse against women and children. This odu is known to be one of the most powerful odu after the mejiis in the diaspora. In 2022, mental sickness will rise along with being mistaken for someone else. Warriors are the soldiers against violence and the key to opening doors of opportunity. People need to stop fabricating information and spreading lies. We must discredit conspiracies that cause arguments which can lead to death. Love and hug your elders and show appreciation. Resolve differences and find peace in your family. No matter how powerful, strong, or smart you think you are; there are others in the world who are just as powerful, strong and smart. Remember, you can still be defeat by the weakest person. Our health is more valuable than gold and respect is more valuable than love. Remember that a secret that is told between two people is no longer a secret – loose lips sink ships. Isese (primordial supportive progenitors) is important towards understand the correlation between people and orisas. We must have APPLIED FAITH and give respect to the orisa and Ifa. This year with the proper ebo for the ebo, we will defeat our problems and prosper financially and have long lives. Read the rest of the reading for the year.

May Olodumare bless us all.


Babaolorisa threw Obi and poured Nangare: Alafia Alafia Ire

Ancestors: Ejife (feed the ground – hole with 1 rooster)

Esu Baralayiki: Alafia



(alias: Owonrin Eguntan, Owonrin Olodo, Owonrin Onidaagbon, Ojuani Dawan)

Reversed head = principle of chaos and wars

Ire Osha Moyiye Onive Orunmila, warriors and Orisa (you help by Orunmila, warriors and Orisa)

Orunmila a ku Alore, awo akaka lo ti iku

Only heaven can affect deliverance we respect the lookout,


Have to do ebo for the ebo at the foot of Ifa (if you have your hand of Ifa and Esu – do ebo to Esu). Do ebo for the ebo to Ifa give rats, fish, goat, and crushed yam to Esu.

Don’t give to much blood to Ifa this year


l         lI

l         lI

l          l

lI         l   


1st Odu: Ose (Blood)

2nd Odu:  Ofun (Curse)


Leading Orisa: Obatala

Accompanying Orisa: Orisa Odu and Orunmila

Supporting the Orisas: Iyamiis and Ancestors


Obatala, Esu, Ogun, Oshosi, Women, Orisa Odu, Orunmila, Obaluaye, Aggayu, Yemaya, Oya, Oshun


Reversed head, tongue, ori, sword, isese, betrayal, vanity, chaos, death, argument, wars, conflicts, characteristic, women, children, respect, love, planting seeds, Mothers, ebos, illegal, prison, money, rain, moderation, curiosity, smoking, drinking alcohol,


The color of this the flag this year is totally white

Add an eye with a small mirror over the door


“Who doesn’t look ahead, stays back”

“Loose lips sink ships”

“Faulty blamed”

“One must follow the order of Isese”

“It was for wool and it came out peeled”

“Trust the one who reprimands you more than the one who praises you”

“long-winded person stirs up quarrels, and the modest person prosper”


ONLY use palm oil for the witches again this year, and give peanut oil for the Orisas and Ikins


  • Fright, Fight, and Freeze
  • Scissors
  • Curiosity
  • Ori
  • Struggle for survival
  • Awo’s Ifa have Orisa Odu (Olofin)
  • Isese explanations
  • Igbodun was lost by a woman (Lucumi odu)
  • Mistaken identity
  • The road where the secret of Olofin is born
  • The secret of egun and Olofin
  • Why the tiger changed his clothes


  •  Ceiba
  • Cypress
  • Pepper
  • Guayaba
  • Yam [name]
  • Okra


Since this Odu came Ire, must do Ebo for the Ebo. After the Ebo, you must ask, “How can I make this Ebo firm? Is there something else I need to do?”

  • Feed the ground. Dig a hole, get a rooster, clean yourself, then feed the hole.
  • Give a small drum to Esu.
  • Put an all-seeing eye on your front door. Try to find one with a mirror so it can reflect.
  • Two Roosters to the warriors and ask if they need anything additional.
  • Three baby chicks or a hen to the Iyamis. Be sure to do a monthly Ebo to the Iyamis on the full moon or a new moon. Ebo can be 9 boiled eggs with palm oil or a stew. Put it in a tree with a hole in it. Make sure when you do Ebo to the Iyamis, you have a bell that you can ring while you are praying and talking to them.
  • 8 Namé balls to Obatala with Efun sprinkled on top.
  • A meringue tower with a white flag for Obatala


  • No cheating
  • No salt
  • No spices
  • No rice
  • No furry fruits – Kiwi, Peach is, no fleshy fruits this year
  • Don’t drink a lot of sugary drinks.
  • No red drinks.
  • No red clothes because it attracts Iku/death. (Red is the same shade as a red fire truck).
  • No alcohol or illegal substance
  • Don’t disrespect elders
  • No argument
  • Don’t speak negative about Ifa priests
  • Don’t gossip
  • Don’t tell your secrets
  • No gambling
  • Don’t tell lies
  • Don’t be envious
  • Don’t do abortions
  • Don’t be curious (aka nosey)
  • Don’t let strangers into your house
  • Don’t do things in threes.
  • Don’t have more than one lover or relationship at the same time


  • If one man throws the stone, it will reflect on the village. Meaning what we do as individuals will reflect on our Godmother, Godfather, and Oluwo.
  • Warriors play a big role this year. There will be a lot of combat and wars. This Odu is hot!
  • Warriors will support us a lot this year. Placate the Warriors and they will save us.
  • Peanut oil for the Warriors and Palm oil for the Iyamiis.
  • Do every morning to Ori
  • Before the next year ends, death will come to a family member. Resolve issues with your elderly family members, so they will not die with a problem between you. You will feel bad if you did not resolve issues before they transition.
  • Disobedience to the Orisa will be your downfall.
  • Profess your faith through your mouth and your actions. Don’t just say you are in the religion (this way of life – orisa and Ifa). You cannot be in one religion and claim another. You can’t straddle the fence. You must decide what your faith is. Can’t do church on Sunday, mosque on Friday, and then Ifa the rest of the week. Know your FAITH! Have faith in what you believe in. Walk your destiny religion.
  • When one door closes another will open. Leave your old ways alone and do what you know is right. Opportunity will come when you stand strong in your faith.
  • Dress in white as much as possible. On Sundays, everybody in the Ile should wear white.
  • This Odu speaks of mistaken identity. Be mindful not to dress like someone else.
  • This Odu speaks of false imprisonment, false testimony. Lies could cause you to lose your life or your freedom. Even if you are innocent, you will be found guilty unless you do Ebo.
  • Tragedy can come to or be brought into your home. Don’t let strangers into your home. This danger can be avoided by keeping doors and windows shut and locked. Double check doors and windows when you go to bed and before you leave the house.
  • This Odu warns that something will happen. Pray it will be minor.
  • Secrets told are no longer secret. Don’t tell anyone your plans and it could save you.
  • Don’t keep or guard things in one’s home for other people. If police or others are looking for it, and it’s on you it will cause you problems.
  • Don’t accept gifts from strangers or acquaintances. If you don’t want to offend the gift giver, accept it, and then dispose of it immediately.
  • Don’t buy used goods unless you know its origin, where it is from. It may be stolen, and you will be liable for it and go to jail. Do not buy hot/stolen items.
  • Beware of those unknown. Beware of strangers. Do not open your door to strangers. Tell them to go away and if they persist, call the police. Tell the person you have called the police and they will be there in a moment. Be sure that your doors and windows are locked. Be sure that when you are home alone at night keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Avoid conflict at all costs!
  • No 3s! Do not do three people on a contract or project. Do not ride in the cars with just three people. If you are riding in a car with three people bring Esu. Do not do an Ebo with just three people.
  • Avoid looking into or at other people’s things. Don’t be curious. Don’t look through peoples mail, in their phone, etc. If you go looking, you may find something you don’t want to see.
  • Be careful with sharp objects to avoid stabbing yourself or others.
  • Work a lot with Ogun.
  • Change your clothes frequently so your enemies do not recognize you.
  • Watch your candles because of fire.
  • Take care of your digestive system.
  • Be careful with your womb or vagina, even if you no longer have a womb. It could be cancer so get yourself checked out.
  • Do not sleep naked.
  • Loose lips sink ships
  • If you must go out in the streets, make sure you give something to Esu, (like a small candy or candy corns). Give something to Esu every day and every time you leave your house. You can give a bowl of candy at the start of the week when you give services to the Warriors. Refresh the bowl each week and toss the old candy in the streets or tall grass.
  • Esu will make sure to keep your doors open.
  • Be careful of children around fire and the stove, especially around boiling water.
  • Don’t go anywhere you aren’t invited. This will help avoid embarrassment.
  • Pay attention to where you are going, what is in front of you and what is going on behind you. Be very observant of your surroundings.
  • Eat more berries and fruits this year and less meat.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your digestive system working well.
  • No threesomes! You cannot have more than one partner.
  • Envy in the family goes both ways. You may be jealous of someone or someone in your family may be jealous of you. Solve the jealousy problem. If it can’t be solved avoid the person that you are jealous of or those that you know are jealous of you
  • Be careful being in the streets. Death is in the streets.
  • Be careful of stray animals that might bite you.
  • You must have patience.
  • Must have respect for Orunmila. Be appropriate and respectful in front of Baba. No drinking, smoking, cursing, nakedness, etc., in front of Orunmila.
  • If you owe Babaluaye or Obatala an Ebo you must pay ASAP! Pay your debt to all the Orisa so you don’t have to struggle.
  • If you have a law suit do Ebo with Ochosi.
  • Resolve your wars, your issues, avoid conflict.
  • If you get in a war and are not prepared, be ready to take a loss.


Ogbe Ogunda (Yono):

  • Everybody must do the right thing.
  • Your mouth can save you or your mouth can destroy you.
  • If you have problems with your teeth, get them fixed or they will make you sick.
  • Save money, put your money away. Do not spend foolishly.
  • Take care of your head, your consciousness, meditate and get head rogations.
  • Take care of your stomach. If a certain food makes you sick, don’t eat it anymore.
  • This year people will be going to court. Make sure your license, and all legal issues are in order, or you could go to jail. Ogunda in the opening and closing Odu deals with justice.
  • Don’t get messed up in gossip. If you didn’t see it, dismiss it.
  • People like to go to a gunfight with a butter knife.
  • People will be set up and betrayed due to lies.
  • Don’t be greedy.
  • Stay in your lane.
  • What you start you must complete. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. No procrastination.
  • Be careful who you lend things to. You won’t get it back the same way you give it. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t lend it.
  • When you do all that is prescribed, you will have happiness, success, and world achievements. If you do not do your Ebos, sorrows, disappointment, and hardship will happen.
  • We must have patience this year.
  • When Ebos are done, you will achieve wealth, houses, children, success in business.
  • Obatala speaks directly to us in this Odu. As you elevate, other people in the world will become your enemy.
  • Orunmila is marching beside us, giving us greatness.
  • Because Ose is on the right, this gives us Ire.
  • This Odu talks about the blood. Family can lose their life. Take care of your family. You do not want to see bloodshed. Blood in the body can be diseased.
  • This Odu says unprotected sex brings STD’s. Be careful of STDs.

Palo Mayumbe:

  • 2 hens, perfume to Mama Chola
  • Music to Lucero
  • 2 candles to Zarabando


Oloye Iyanifa Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi (Ayaba OchaBi Fabuluje-Faseye)

Babaolorisha/Oriate Turbado Marabou-Oduusola Esudine Faseye

Apetibi Olaifa Faseye

Awotunde Ifaseye

EfunYale Faseye – Terri Bailey

Yasmin Jackson

Lamonteria Johnson

Faramade Egunyemi

Jamaml Anderson

Tasha Ervin

Akayia Riche

Galani Williams

Gia Williams

Giselle Williams Damian James

Derrick Hill

KeYanna Smith

Andria Parker

Carl Jefferson

Ebony Baxter

Cason Lyons

Antwan Jefferson

Terry Williams

Toy Bryant

Keith Garrison

Yolanda Ross

Kerkland Kerr, Jr.


Orunmila and Ela

Orisa Odu & IyaNla

Ogbogbo Ancestors

Ogbogbo Orisas





BOOK: American Ifa in America

American Ifa in America is a new book written by Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi

It is sold on bookstore


This book provides the ideology and fundamentals of American Ifa in America. This book clarifies the cause of its beginning and stresses the importance of being able to practice Ifa – Orisa where you live. It also eliminates the fear-mongering fabrications, misogynistic and cyberbullying tactics used against American practitioners. This book provides the glue to mend the broken culture bowl for the people who are hungry and looking for the strength, positive energy and spiritual support of their West African Ancestors on their spiritual journey. Finally, this book will give understanding behind the philosophy of American Ifa and the founder’s vision.

“Theory Of The Mythology Of The Spiritual Womb Who Is God”

Book written by Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi-Fabuluje  IyaNifa Iyalemole:

This book was written after many years of dealing with the challenges of verbal, spiritual, and physical abuse by men who used the bible and other mythologies to suggest reasons why a woman is less than and man is superior. Additionally, the discussion against misogynistic behavior is important to have in order to bring awareness and provide ideas to empower women’s existence.

The book is about the various views on the mythology of the womb, universe, and God in theory as well as to examine and analyze the different myths. The book also recalls the different female names for God from various cultures, their images, and symbols.

This topic is important to my life, my children’s lives, my godchildren’s lives and to others’ lives because it provides the idea that the womb is to be respected and why. I realize that this is not an easy topic to discuss because of an individual’s religious conditioning, but it is necessary to point out the domination of one gender over the other causes an unbalanced environment. An environment that is hostile, full of chaos, and violent where life becomes meaningless and unworthy of existence.  I wish respect for God the womb, the universe, and spiritual beings.

This book assist in debunking the idea of women and Orisa Odu tales.

The link:

picture womb


By Iyalemole Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi-Fabuluje

January 9th, 2020tis 1 4 jan 9 2020 article

US, Florida: Centuries ago William Shakespeare made a statement, “A rose by any other name …is still a rose.” The rose is characterized as being sweet with thorns and can be described as beautiful, gentle, meaningful, bitter and demonized. The rose, like a title, can be attributed power and character. Significant titles such as Dr., DPhil, MD, DO, PhD, DCN, DBA, DrBA, EdD, PharmD, and so on are true achievements and accomplishments for an individual (Wikipedia, 2019). These titles are earned through studies, research, and long-term education or training. At the same time, hundreds of “titles” are being given out by religious organizations established in West Africa to those within the Diaspora. These titles include chieftaincy, Apena, Oba, and so on. Today, many of these titles (e.g. chieftaincy, Apena, Oba, and so -on) are not earned from studies, research, and long-term education or training. Most are simply bought. No matter the title, it has characteristics, restrictions, and responsibilities.

Traditionally and historically, titles are earned by the individuals who receive and hold those titles (Financial Yahoo, 2019). Titles can identify an individual’s status, position, and expertise (ASAP, 2019).  Some titles are inherited while others are bought and not earned through any effort on the part of the individual receiving them. Titles are a formal communication and achievement. Even so, individuals who have these titles can display bad characteristics. Google Dictionary (2019) described characteristics as “being a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing; distinctive…and qualities.” In addition, Borgatta (1964) stated that the characteristics of titles “derive from wide-spread faith in education as a means of social advancement as well as from commitments to equality of opportunity and to civic unity.” With titles come a certain level of trustworthiness and an ability to influence or guide human behavior at various levels. In contrast and given the rise of “titles” such as Apena, Chiefs, and Agba, etc. to unworthy individuals, the respect and value of these “titles” have lost their significance within the Diaspora.

There are many titles given to individuals from West Africa which do not hold value in the Diaspora. Part of the reason why includes the fact that many of those title holders display bad character in addition to using these “titles” to dogmatically degrade people in the Diaspora. Ifa says that [a person] should practice good character. They should do so regardless what title an individual may hold. Individuals who hold title are supposed to be role models and they should exhibit good character for the ones who may seek their guidance (Odu Ogbe Otura & Odu Irete Otura). It takes moral principles and values to govern one’s behavior and daily obligations. In Odu EjiOgbe, Ifa speaks about having good character. However, many individuals go to West Africa only to return without good character and a bunch of bought titles that are not respected in the Diaspora. Canada Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and Nigeria (2012) stated that “most Yoruba chieftaincy titles are hereditary, and others are bestowed upon individuals.” In the early 2000s, Nigerians began selling non-hereditary titles, that is, titles given to the community of strangers also known as members of the Diaspora. This created economic competition among the different regions of Nigeria to sell the most “legitimate” titles to individuals from the Diaspora. These titles are not recognized nor valuable in the Diaspora (Canada Immigration and refugee Board of Canada & Nigeria, 2012).

Many titled individuals in the Diaspora have engaged in negative behaviors towards others and as they do, they tarnish their own reputations (Odu Ika Iwori). This may be occurring because the titles have given a false sense of power to the individual’s ego. The title does not matter what does matter is the spiritual development, leadership, and the relationship between the title holder’s personality traits and their interactions with the people they serve (Khoynezhad, Rajaei, & Sarvarazemy, 2012). When a title is not earned, it is usually setting the individual up for failure. Titles such as Apena and chieftaincy have been the main two titles offered to Diasporians like candy. Dennett (1916) stated that the title Apena is a chief to the Ogboni as well as one of the main positions of the Ogboni cult. Lateju and Oladosu (2012) stated that chieftaincy titles are for chiefs to address any issue in their community and better the “welfare of their communities, monitoring soci-economics and promoting religious tenet.” I am sure there are probably more responsibilities, however they are not documented to explain those titles’ existence in the Diaspora. We live under a different government with different laws and those titles are not needed here. Communities that do recognize them have a small population of believers and followers. In 2015, Ajala posted in Ifa-Orisa-Egun talk Facebook group stressing that the American Araba issued an official memo stating “[some] practitioners of Ifa-orisa are parading with fake title such as Apena, Agbaya, Araba, and chieftaincy…given in West Africa are no longer valid and can no longer be honored [in both Africa and the Diaspora].” In the meantime, several titles have been given and those individuals are displaying terrible behaviors on social media. The major question is where is the “Iwa” character that is “rere” good. A person with Iwa Rere and or Pele is referred to as “Omoluwabi” (Hallen, 2000; Labeodan, 2009). Labeodan (2009) says character (iwa) “is a person’s essential nature and psychic self, as well as the origin and totality of what a person is as an individual.”

Ultimately, the American Diaspora communities have a hard time respecting and reserving honor for the West African titles as mentioned above, especially when the individuals display poor character, misogyny, and narcissistic characteristics. These individuals are called “iwa buruku” (Abimbola, 1975; Labeodan, 2009). Money for titles have become West Africa’s religious cash cow. However, the bought titles don’t change the individual. It only amplifies the individuals’ characteristics to be more of who they are.



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2020 America Ifa USA Annual Ifa Afa Reading

American Ifa Fa Afa (501c3) –

Annual Ifa in America/USA reading for 2020 was done on Saturday,

December 21st, 2019 @ 10 a.m. in the State of Florida at Ile Akoko Ata;

for the total USA states, regions, and territories.



In 2020, there will be chaos between the sexes, problems between race and political parties, small and huge wars across the world, tragedy, accidents, serious sicknesses, uncontrollable food poisoning, and a lot of governmental interference in our daily lives. Every year many of us wish for riches and good health. Never do we imagine the struggles and or the injustice that will counter our ideologies of a good economy and perfect healthcare. As the currents detract and expand in 2020, people have to prepare for a rough ride and rejoice when it is time to celebrate.

Dysfunctional environments are almost guaranteed in the workplace, at the doctor offices, in the schools, and in the home. Therefore, the best gifts for the New Year are the gifts of love and peace. The best gift is the gift of empathy. The best gift to society is the gift of consideration.


“There no peace for a liar”

“Heaven didn’t want to do ebo”

“Eguns of the Babalawo speaks”


Esu Baralayiki – Alaafia (everything is in alignment)

Ancestors = Alaafia ire with personal spirits with ejife


Odu Ogunda’Fun, Odu in Osogbo (Ibi) wars continuous

“Ogunda” is expanding and life giving or life taking; while “Ofun” is detracting and rebirthing

1st odu Odi (hole)

2nd odu Ejiogbe (respect)

PRAYER:  Oggunda fun wewe yeye, wewe, yeye oni rewo omo ozain kueleses kan kuelese meji obaye orunmila wewe yeni orunmila onibara niregun

Leading Orisha: Ogun

Accompanying Orisha: OrishaNla with Oshun

Supporting the Orisa(s): Iyamiis

Maferefun: Obatala, Ogun, Oshun, Iyamiis, Oya, Sango, Eguns,

Keywords: Ori, cursing, justice, gossiping, darkness, weapons, operation, dead, gambling, cheating, love and hate relationships

FLAG: The base is green with white and gold (yellow) borders 2020 flag

NOTE: ONLY use palm oil for the witches and give peanut oil for the orisha and ikins

Received: Olokun and Ori; need to be initiated to Congo religion

Closing Odu: Irosun Otura (Irosu’etura; Irosu’Ajala)

  • Receive Olokun
  • Clean house with waters of olokun water on New Year Eve
  • Take a bath with Olokun water on New Year eve
  • Go to the beach if you don’t have Olokun or a godparent with Olokun to bathe. Just don’t make your own.
  • Open your eyes and look at the hidden agenda.
  • Merge things in our lines to bring things together.
  • Lots of divorces, separation within family, children, partnerships, etc.
  • Look at one’s blood. Check for diseases.
  • Receive and get the right Olokun


  • Eugenics
  • Wars and civil wars
  • Weapons
  • Embarrassment
  • Entrapment
  • Betrayal
  • Blackmail
  • Changing heads
  • Cursing
  • Hypocrisy
  • Male against women
  • Third eye

EWE IN THIS SIGN: Prodigiosa, Tamanindo, Ewe Anton, Ewe Ikoko, Ewe Shewerekuakue



  • The general goes to war but the hunchback doesn’t lose sight of him
  • Pride and concede are the loss of the persons
  • Violence loses the person
  • The snake doesn’t measure it’s shadow like that the rainbow
  • What the earth is given, the earth returns
  • You have to know how to love and then hate
  • In the town was a king who was blind in one eye


  • 2 Guinea hens to Oshun
  • Ochinchin to Oshun and Ogun
  • 1 turtle, 2 rooster and 1 pigeon to Ogun
  • 8 Yami balls with efun (cascarilla) to Obatala (OrishaNla)
  • Give ten metal knives to Ogun.
  • Do the prayer of “Ogunda’fun” every day.

Money: Ebo to Ogun

 Health: Ebo to Ogun and Obatala


  • No threesomes.
  • One mate, no cheating.
  • Don’t blow dust; be careful of people blow dust at you
  • Don’t hold or open other people’s mail.
  • Don’t abandon orisha (guardian angel)
  • Don’t curse others or using bad words
  • No pork or a lot of shellfish and bottom fish
  • No sleeping in the nude
  • Don’t disrespect your elders
  • Don’t be vain
  • Don’t tell little white lies
  • Don’t carry weapons
  • Don’t live in filth
  • Don’t wear dark color clothes
  • Don’t lift heavy things from the floor – back injury
  • Don’t speed or drive under the influent
  • Don’t disrespect women with violence
  • Don’t drink alcohol or illegal substance
  • No sleeping in the nude.
  • Be careful of gambling. No gambling.
  • No gossiping.
  • Be careful of being a workaholic.
  • Be able to separate night and day.
  • Don’t be vain. Stay away from excessive spending on things you don’t need.
  • If you don’t have Palo, you need to seek.
  • Don’t eat leftover food. You go to sleep, you wake up. Don’t eat it. It’s leftover.
  • Starting business – do ebo to Ogun.


Heaven and earth began to dispute on who had the absolute power on the world; upon hearing this Orunmila told them that both them have to make ebo in order for the power to be divided. Heaven did not hear the words of Orunmila and did not do ebo, as it was also to give nothing to the earth. And since then, every time there are clouds form over the earth, the rain falls on the earth which did ebbo. Where Orunmila replied, “Everything that the earth has to return.”


Ifa says:

  • In this odu, to make money you must do ebo to bring that money home
  • Be careful with the law
  • Be careful things which caused explosions
  • Take care of court cases, child support anything pending with the government
  • Person should not smoke illegally in the car, riding dirty etc. Law riding high in 2020.
  • Don’t get into arguments. Petty arguments. All money not good money. Butter knife going to a gun fight, the butter knife doesn’t win. Who did the ebo, who did not? We are on the losing end of the deal. So, don’t dig a hole for yourself.
  • Learn to save money. Don’t splurge. Don’t be in vain or conceded.
  • Lots of stomach viruses, salmonella, change how you eat. Parasites in the food. Intestinal, colon diseases, blindness.
  • Lots of Ori cleanings. Every month clean with white of the egg, cotton and coconut, or fruit. Special cleaning, head feedings w/fish or blood feeding with help of Awo.
  • No black, red or dark color clothes. Must wear white mostly all year around. If you are not initiated, you need to get initiated.
  • Glass half-filled not half empty.
  • 2020 civil wars. Men against women and women against men.
  • Take care of your health. This odu marks surgery.
  • Car accidents. Be careful. Look out for others.
  • Be careful w/ your eyes. Grease don’t pop in your eyes. Losing your vision. Protect your eyes.
  • People going to keep bringing you problems. Clean yourself constantly. People blowing dust on you. It is prohibited for you to blow dust.
  • Don’t brag about what you have.
  • If you do the ebos, prosperity, new associations, and new birth in things.
  • Lots of arguments. Don’t be ungrateful.
  • Men – Be careful of getting into a relationship w/ a young person. They must be mature.
  • Men and women love each other but also hate each other. Compromise is necessary.
  • Men will try to control women in the religion.
  • Be careful of exchanging heads. You can not initiate and put elekes on everybody. Switching heads between priest and godchild. Pork to be used for ebo.
  • Be careful of seafood.
  • Do a lot for you eguns, ancestors, and spiritual for guide.
  • Head cleaning with Awo to overcome various diagnoses.
  • Women can’t cut their hair this year.
  • Don’t eat coconut. Use it to clean and you can drink the water.
  • Don’t carry weapons. Same weapons can be used against you.
  • Take care of pregnant women. Stay close to Ifa so the woman does not lose the baby.
  • Do not quarrel with women. When men sleep, women do not. Man can lose his life.
  • Be careful with cysts and cancer.
  • Don’t wear clothes with rips and holes.
  • Guns, violence, and weapons.
  • Be careful how you hate. You may need that same person.
  • Misas need to be done.
  • Impotence as a result of abusing illegal substances. Can be laced with extra ingredients.
  • Wars and hypocrites that causes disturbances in the daily life
  • Women having problems with childbirth and menstrual periods
  • Be careful of doctors sterilizing young women-of-color (eugenics)
  • Nothing can take hold due to these wars.
  • Spiritual debt in Orun. Not doing what we need to do to appease our twin in heaven. Ebo to Egbe. Food given to them.
  • Men married to daughters of Oshun. Don’t argue or raise our hand to women period.
  • In the town of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Ogundafunfunlolo (Ogunda Fulugbe Ma de ahun la deji)

– It says to feed Ogun and everything and negativity will go away.
– It says to remove blood from the mouth
– Is a very big and good sign

May Olodumare and our ancestors guide us towards happiness and internal peace to have both mentally and spiritually growth and stability in our daily lives.


  • Iyalemole Oloye IyaNifa Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi (Ayaba OchaBi Fabuluje-IkaMeji)
  • Afai (IyaNifa) Oloye Ayaba Melba Farrell, IkaFun of Ile Orun
  • Babaolorisha/Oriate Turbado EsuDina Faseye
  • Awotunde Ifaseye, Osa’Wori
  • Apetibi Olaifa Faseye
  • Apetibi EfunYale – Terri Bailey
  • Antwan Jefferson, Tata
  • Lamonteria Johnson
  • Kerkland Kerr, Jr.
  • Orunmila and Ela
  • Orisa Odu and IyaNla
  • Ogbogbo Ancestors
  • Ogbogbo Orisha
  • Iyamiis

Ase ire o



“West African Religious Practitioners & Devotees Being Inveigling On Social Media”

By Iyalemole Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi-Fabuluje

December 12th, 2019Inkedbabak-mehraban-012345_LI23 (5)8

American Ifa: US, Florida: Google’s dictionary states that inveigling is “to entice, lure, or snare by flattery or artful talk or inducements.” Inveiglement is also a form of entrapment, deception, lying, and or coercion by flattery. Billow (2013) stated that inveiglement is a snare set to trap someone by convincing them of something. Solicitation and flirtation online play a great role as well in inveiglement on social media. Famous John Ruskin says, “the essence of lying is in deception, not in words.” Ifa says in Ika’fun that people should not be deceptive. Yet, deception, lying, and inveigling has been going on for centuries. It has intensified and worsened over time due to globalization of technology and increased use of social media.

In 2019, many individuals, religious faiths, countries, and corporations agree that technology has both globally benefited and hurt in some ways a variety of areas. Technology has provided opportunities to buy and sell goods and services such as dating, modelling, divinations, advertisement, socialization, donating, publishing, and so on. With the birth of social media, an infinite amount of personal information including religious stories, history, events, pictures, birth or death announcements, products, and so-forth have been collected and shared online.

In 2018, American Ifa’s annual reading stated that people will try to portray Ifa as bad when individuals attempt to coerce others into traps and defame Orisa-Ifa practitioners. Billow (2013) agree with Ettinger and Jehiel (2009) that inveigling is an emotional game of rooster and chicken in which the participants are bargaining and soliciting only to end up into a trap (Ofun meji). Another instance, Ofun meji speaks about the pigeon who saw a party happening in town on social media. The pigeon was curious and went to look to see who was at the party. When the pigeon got there, he found it was a trap. The pigeon was the target. The pigeon was lured into a situation on social media where the pigeon lost his life. Inveigling can lead the target to be defamed as a fake or fraud (Walter, 2000). Social media has allowed the development of many negative inveigling groups. At the end of the day, a person’s reputation is tarnished. Ifa says that this type of behavior is condemned (Ogunda obara; Ika Ofun; Ogbe Iwori; Owonrin Irosu; Irete Irosun).

Walter (2000) described the individuals who have the tendency to engage in these entrapment behaviors as emotional, attention seekers and manipulators. The individuals will then see themselves as victims from their own vindictive victimization. Ifa recognizes this character in Odus ogbe’iwori, owonrin’irosun, irete’irosun, and irete’bara as self-deception. By practicing this behavior, they believe they gain power and control over the people who are the real victims. Many police stings utilize entrapment methods to bust online prostitution. More and more, several Traditional Yoruba babalawos have been the target of entrapment. The motivation is usually a person who wants to mislead for a mental award or to accomplish a hidden agenda.

The West African religious practitioners and devotees inveigling on social media have not been focused on preservation, but instead the destruction and dilution of spiritual stability in the diaspora. Odu Ogunda Bede, Odu Ogbe Ale, Odu Eji-Ogbe, and Odu Obara Meji warn people against lying, deception, stealing, entrapment, and other behaviors that will cause a breakdown of social equilibrium (Laleye, 2014). These people draw up an alternate version of reality that only they have witnessed to support their victimhood and gaslight the real victims who know the truth. It’s a form of lying intended to deliberately mislead people. Behind the computer screen an individual can be as handsome or as much the beauty queen as they want. As an example, a person who is out to entrap Babalawos might go to such lengths as to share nude pictures to entice them to their web.

In conclusion, social media has become the breeding ground for the diminishing credibility of Orisa and Ifa practices in the diaspora as well as West Africa. It is easy to inveigle and entrap people because they have desires, needs, and wants which the attention seekers manipulate to their advantage. Entrapment is like a cancer that spreads throughout the body when it is not detected early and the proper Ifa medicines are not administered. Technology will continue to grow to have a wide reach and social media administrators will also continue to like and encourage the dysfunction to draw reality tv show mental illness and madness. In ogbe’yeku, Ifa says there is a space where there is a moment of silence and stillness, where an Awo should seek balance and endurance. One needs to consult Ifa to protect against these individuals who enjoy bringing an ajogun to destroy the legacy of the ancestors (Oturupon’rete).



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