American Ifa Fa Afa (501c3) – 13th Annual Ifa in American/USA reading for 2022

2022 reading ifa

American Ifa Fa Afa (501c3) – 13th Annual Ifa in American/USA reading for 2022 was done Tuesday, December 21st, 2020 @ 1pm in the State of Florida at Ile Ikoko Ata, for the total United States, regions, and territories followers.


Wars on viruses. Wars on injustice. Wars against racism, books and religions. Ifa advises us to make offering and ebos for protection. This is a strong and powerful odu sign going into 2022 after two years of viruses, racism, injustice, and abuse against women and children. This odu is known to be one of the most powerful odu after the mejiis in the diaspora. In 2022, mental sickness will rise along with being mistaken for someone else. Warriors are the soldiers against violence and the key to opening doors of opportunity. People need to stop fabricating information and spreading lies. We must discredit conspiracies that cause arguments which can lead to death. Love and hug your elders and show appreciation. Resolve differences and find peace in your family. No matter how powerful, strong, or smart you think you are; there are others in the world who are just as powerful, strong and smart. Remember, you can still be defeat by the weakest person. Our health is more valuable than gold and respect is more valuable than love. Remember that a secret that is told between two people is no longer a secret – loose lips sink ships. Isese (primordial supportive progenitors) is important towards understand the correlation between people and orisas. We must have APPLIED FAITH and give respect to the orisa and Ifa. This year with the proper ebo for the ebo, we will defeat our problems and prosper financially and have long lives. Read the rest of the reading for the year.

May Olodumare bless us all.


Babaolorisa threw Obi and poured Nangare: Alafia Alafia Ire

Ancestors: Ejife (feed the ground – hole with 1 rooster)

Esu Baralayiki: Alafia



(alias: Owonrin Eguntan, Owonrin Olodo, Owonrin Onidaagbon, Ojuani Dawan)

Reversed head = principle of chaos and wars

Ire Osha Moyiye Onive Orunmila, warriors and Orisa (you help by Orunmila, warriors and Orisa)

Orunmila a ku Alore, awo akaka lo ti iku

Only heaven can affect deliverance we respect the lookout,


Have to do ebo for the ebo at the foot of Ifa (if you have your hand of Ifa and Esu – do ebo to Esu). Do ebo for the ebo to Ifa give rats, fish, goat, and crushed yam to Esu.

Don’t give to much blood to Ifa this year


l         lI

l         lI

l          l

lI         l   


1st Odu: Ose (Blood)

2nd Odu:  Ofun (Curse)


Leading Orisa: Obatala

Accompanying Orisa: Orisa Odu and Orunmila

Supporting the Orisas: Iyamiis and Ancestors


Obatala, Esu, Ogun, Oshosi, Women, Orisa Odu, Orunmila, Obaluaye, Aggayu, Yemaya, Oya, Oshun


Reversed head, tongue, ori, sword, isese, betrayal, vanity, chaos, death, argument, wars, conflicts, characteristic, women, children, respect, love, planting seeds, Mothers, ebos, illegal, prison, money, rain, moderation, curiosity, smoking, drinking alcohol,


The color of this the flag this year is totally white

Add an eye with a small mirror over the door


“Who doesn’t look ahead, stays back”

“Loose lips sink ships”

“Faulty blamed”

“One must follow the order of Isese”

“It was for wool and it came out peeled”

“Trust the one who reprimands you more than the one who praises you”

“long-winded person stirs up quarrels, and the modest person prosper”


ONLY use palm oil for the witches again this year, and give peanut oil for the Orisas and Ikins


  • Fright, Fight, and Freeze
  • Scissors
  • Curiosity
  • Ori
  • Struggle for survival
  • Awo’s Ifa have Orisa Odu (Olofin)
  • Isese explanations
  • Igbodun was lost by a woman (Lucumi odu)
  • Mistaken identity
  • The road where the secret of Olofin is born
  • The secret of egun and Olofin
  • Why the tiger changed his clothes


  •  Ceiba
  • Cypress
  • Pepper
  • Guayaba
  • Yam [name]
  • Okra


Since this Odu came Ire, must do Ebo for the Ebo. After the Ebo, you must ask, “How can I make this Ebo firm? Is there something else I need to do?”

  • Feed the ground. Dig a hole, get a rooster, clean yourself, then feed the hole.
  • Give a small drum to Esu.
  • Put an all-seeing eye on your front door. Try to find one with a mirror so it can reflect.
  • Two Roosters to the warriors and ask if they need anything additional.
  • Three baby chicks or a hen to the Iyamis. Be sure to do a monthly Ebo to the Iyamis on the full moon or a new moon. Ebo can be 9 boiled eggs with palm oil or a stew. Put it in a tree with a hole in it. Make sure when you do Ebo to the Iyamis, you have a bell that you can ring while you are praying and talking to them.
  • 8 Namé balls to Obatala with Efun sprinkled on top.
  • A meringue tower with a white flag for Obatala


  • No cheating
  • No salt
  • No spices
  • No rice
  • No furry fruits – Kiwi, Peach is, no fleshy fruits this year
  • Don’t drink a lot of sugary drinks.
  • No red drinks.
  • No red clothes because it attracts Iku/death. (Red is the same shade as a red fire truck).
  • No alcohol or illegal substance
  • Don’t disrespect elders
  • No argument
  • Don’t speak negative about Ifa priests
  • Don’t gossip
  • Don’t tell your secrets
  • No gambling
  • Don’t tell lies
  • Don’t be envious
  • Don’t do abortions
  • Don’t be curious (aka nosey)
  • Don’t let strangers into your house
  • Don’t do things in threes.
  • Don’t have more than one lover or relationship at the same time


  • If one man throws the stone, it will reflect on the village. Meaning what we do as individuals will reflect on our Godmother, Godfather, and Oluwo.
  • Warriors play a big role this year. There will be a lot of combat and wars. This Odu is hot!
  • Warriors will support us a lot this year. Placate the Warriors and they will save us.
  • Peanut oil for the Warriors and Palm oil for the Iyamiis.
  • Do every morning to Ori
  • Before the next year ends, death will come to a family member. Resolve issues with your elderly family members, so they will not die with a problem between you. You will feel bad if you did not resolve issues before they transition.
  • Disobedience to the Orisa will be your downfall.
  • Profess your faith through your mouth and your actions. Don’t just say you are in the religion (this way of life – orisa and Ifa). You cannot be in one religion and claim another. You can’t straddle the fence. You must decide what your faith is. Can’t do church on Sunday, mosque on Friday, and then Ifa the rest of the week. Know your FAITH! Have faith in what you believe in. Walk your destiny religion.
  • When one door closes another will open. Leave your old ways alone and do what you know is right. Opportunity will come when you stand strong in your faith.
  • Dress in white as much as possible. On Sundays, everybody in the Ile should wear white.
  • This Odu speaks of mistaken identity. Be mindful not to dress like someone else.
  • This Odu speaks of false imprisonment, false testimony. Lies could cause you to lose your life or your freedom. Even if you are innocent, you will be found guilty unless you do Ebo.
  • Tragedy can come to or be brought into your home. Don’t let strangers into your home. This danger can be avoided by keeping doors and windows shut and locked. Double check doors and windows when you go to bed and before you leave the house.
  • This Odu warns that something will happen. Pray it will be minor.
  • Secrets told are no longer secret. Don’t tell anyone your plans and it could save you.
  • Don’t keep or guard things in one’s home for other people. If police or others are looking for it, and it’s on you it will cause you problems.
  • Don’t accept gifts from strangers or acquaintances. If you don’t want to offend the gift giver, accept it, and then dispose of it immediately.
  • Don’t buy used goods unless you know its origin, where it is from. It may be stolen, and you will be liable for it and go to jail. Do not buy hot/stolen items.
  • Beware of those unknown. Beware of strangers. Do not open your door to strangers. Tell them to go away and if they persist, call the police. Tell the person you have called the police and they will be there in a moment. Be sure that your doors and windows are locked. Be sure that when you are home alone at night keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Avoid conflict at all costs!
  • No 3s! Do not do three people on a contract or project. Do not ride in the cars with just three people. If you are riding in a car with three people bring Esu. Do not do an Ebo with just three people.
  • Avoid looking into or at other people’s things. Don’t be curious. Don’t look through peoples mail, in their phone, etc. If you go looking, you may find something you don’t want to see.
  • Be careful with sharp objects to avoid stabbing yourself or others.
  • Work a lot with Ogun.
  • Change your clothes frequently so your enemies do not recognize you.
  • Watch your candles because of fire.
  • Take care of your digestive system.
  • Be careful with your womb or vagina, even if you no longer have a womb. It could be cancer so get yourself checked out.
  • Do not sleep naked.
  • Loose lips sink ships
  • If you must go out in the streets, make sure you give something to Esu, (like a small candy or candy corns). Give something to Esu every day and every time you leave your house. You can give a bowl of candy at the start of the week when you give services to the Warriors. Refresh the bowl each week and toss the old candy in the streets or tall grass.
  • Esu will make sure to keep your doors open.
  • Be careful of children around fire and the stove, especially around boiling water.
  • Don’t go anywhere you aren’t invited. This will help avoid embarrassment.
  • Pay attention to where you are going, what is in front of you and what is going on behind you. Be very observant of your surroundings.
  • Eat more berries and fruits this year and less meat.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your digestive system working well.
  • No threesomes! You cannot have more than one partner.
  • Envy in the family goes both ways. You may be jealous of someone or someone in your family may be jealous of you. Solve the jealousy problem. If it can’t be solved avoid the person that you are jealous of or those that you know are jealous of you
  • Be careful being in the streets. Death is in the streets.
  • Be careful of stray animals that might bite you.
  • You must have patience.
  • Must have respect for Orunmila. Be appropriate and respectful in front of Baba. No drinking, smoking, cursing, nakedness, etc., in front of Orunmila.
  • If you owe Babaluaye or Obatala an Ebo you must pay ASAP! Pay your debt to all the Orisa so you don’t have to struggle.
  • If you have a law suit do Ebo with Ochosi.
  • Resolve your wars, your issues, avoid conflict.
  • If you get in a war and are not prepared, be ready to take a loss.


Ogbe Ogunda (Yono):

  • Everybody must do the right thing.
  • Your mouth can save you or your mouth can destroy you.
  • If you have problems with your teeth, get them fixed or they will make you sick.
  • Save money, put your money away. Do not spend foolishly.
  • Take care of your head, your consciousness, meditate and get head rogations.
  • Take care of your stomach. If a certain food makes you sick, don’t eat it anymore.
  • This year people will be going to court. Make sure your license, and all legal issues are in order, or you could go to jail. Ogunda in the opening and closing Odu deals with justice.
  • Don’t get messed up in gossip. If you didn’t see it, dismiss it.
  • People like to go to a gunfight with a butter knife.
  • People will be set up and betrayed due to lies.
  • Don’t be greedy.
  • Stay in your lane.
  • What you start you must complete. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today. No procrastination.
  • Be careful who you lend things to. You won’t get it back the same way you give it. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t lend it.
  • When you do all that is prescribed, you will have happiness, success, and world achievements. If you do not do your Ebos, sorrows, disappointment, and hardship will happen.
  • We must have patience this year.
  • When Ebos are done, you will achieve wealth, houses, children, success in business.
  • Obatala speaks directly to us in this Odu. As you elevate, other people in the world will become your enemy.
  • Orunmila is marching beside us, giving us greatness.
  • Because Ose is on the right, this gives us Ire.
  • This Odu talks about the blood. Family can lose their life. Take care of your family. You do not want to see bloodshed. Blood in the body can be diseased.
  • This Odu says unprotected sex brings STD’s. Be careful of STDs.

Palo Mayumbe:

  • 2 hens, perfume to Mama Chola
  • Music to Lucero
  • 2 candles to Zarabando


Oloye Iyanifa Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi (Ayaba OchaBi Fabuluje-Faseye)

Babaolorisha/Oriate Turbado Marabou-Oduusola Esudine Faseye

Apetibi Olaifa Faseye

Awotunde Ifaseye

EfunYale Faseye – Terri Bailey

Yasmin Jackson

Lamonteria Johnson

Faramade Egunyemi

Jamaml Anderson

Tasha Ervin

Akayia Riche

Galani Williams

Gia Williams

Giselle Williams Damian James

Derrick Hill

KeYanna Smith

Andria Parker

Carl Jefferson

Ebony Baxter

Cason Lyons

Antwan Jefferson

Terry Williams

Toy Bryant

Keith Garrison

Yolanda Ross

Kerkland Kerr, Jr.


Orunmila and Ela

Orisa Odu & IyaNla

Ogbogbo Ancestors

Ogbogbo Orisas





American Ifa