AMERICAN IFA (501c3) – 14th Annual Ifa in America reading for 2023

American Ifa Fa ifa reading pixAfa (501c3) – 14th Annual Ifa in America USA reading for 2023 was done Wednesday, December 21st, 2022 @ 1pm in the State of Florida at the Ile Ikoko Ata for all of the United States, regions, and territories followers (for those who follow us).
The first appearance is the everlasting impression. Here is another year of uncertainties and division with wars, battles, debts, liars and not-so-honest people, economic difficulty, bankruptcies, close friends who are now separated friends, divorces, infectious diseases, bloodshed, iku, and so on. The MOTHERS are not happy with the destruction of the earth, women, and the womb. Ifa said that there is too much cruelty to women and children of all cultures. Ifa said that Orunmila is the one who believes that people are totally out of control and need mending. Over a period of time, people have been whitewashing Ifa and Orisa to only destroy them. People are continuously leaving spirituality on the fence as they dip into many other religions. Yes, you may speak and do whatever you like. At the end of the day, let’s leave crazy and mental illness out of the equation. Many of us have to accept the facts that we might not be as smart as we claim. Ifa speaks about how we are repeating the lessons we have not learned from the past. For example, preparing and growing food. Or taking good care of our health as well as our elders. There is an old saying, “when the old woman dies the library burns down.” We have to listen and learn from our elders. Now, we are here again with the same problems as yesterday as we move towards a new day in the future. No one knows who is who because no one is honest and truthful. The MOTHERS will help Orunmila fix and separate as they protect the women and children from the crazy and confused. At the end of the day, it is the same old story that said “your head got you into this mess and your head will get you out” because you are your own worst enemy. You have make it work for you in a positive way. Try getting out of your way and pray a lot.
Babaolorisa Oriate Turbado EsuDina threw obi and poured Nangare
ANCESTORS: Obi: Etawa Ire / Alafia
Services (9 plates of different foods, 9 drinks, 9 pieces of bread, 1 cigar, and flowers, 2 candles).
Leave for 24 Hours then take to the woods do not litter.
(rum and 2 candles)
Everything is uncertain. There is a lot of distraction, change, Ori, infection is sickness. There is hunters out there hunting for you just as you hunt for them. This year will bring struggles when you try to make harmony. There will be more division. So, pay attention to the prior changes and issues. As proceed into the year, open your eyes and your mind. Be careful of people’s negativity, witchcraft and the witches.
“The hunted will be hunted”
“There will be struggling for harmony and divisions”
“pay attention to prior changes and issues”
“Proceed with on your destiny with open eyes and mind”
“Be careful with negativity and witch and witchcraft”
Osogbo unforeseen tragedies due to Ori (thinking). Ori can get you in trouble and ori can get you out of trouble. It’s ogbe that put 2023 in osogbo combo with Orisa Odu, Mothers , and the Womb.
1st Odu: Irete
2nd Odu: Ogbe
Leading Orisa: Obatala – Orisa Oshanla
Accompanying Orisa: Babaluaye
Supporting the Orisa: Oshun, Yemaya and Ogun
Also Give thanks to Obatala, Babaluaye, and Shango.
#1 prayer offered:
MAFEREFUN: Gbogbo Orisa (Orisha)
FLAG COLOR: White with a purple border
•A cool head wins all wars
•Bit by bit the snake ate the head of the rat
•Palm oil will stain your white clothes
•Not so poor that you can see your backside
•The head leads the body
•Both the negative and positive energy is presented
•The hand reaches higher than the head
•Two inseparable friends are separated
•Everything you have is everything you missed
•Money sits on the head
•Debts hang around the neck
•Esu is the protector of the City
•The odu of double language or tongue
•You are poor today and wealthy tomorrow
•Patience and tolerance is the key towards winning the battle or wars
Use peanut oil for ifa and orisa; give the palm oil to the Iyamiis as well as cook with it
•The battle on earth
•Honesty and truth
•White light
•Lack of vision
•Infectious disease
•Loss and tears
•White cloth
•Lymph nodes
•Stomach problems
•Respiratory system
•Spinal column
•Blood vessel
•Lymph nodes
•New born
•Human will
•Celestial body
•Economic difficulty
1. Jobo
2. Prodigiosa
3. Ceiba
4. Algodon (cotton)
5. Iroko
6. Atiponla
7. Palo bobo
1. Esu gets a rat (bush rat).
2. Ogun gets a pigeon at the door for protection against harm.
3. 16 snails to Obatala (if you have Obatala).
4. Give Oshun gold and perfume (if you have Oshun); or take sweets to the river.
5. Give Yemaya dark fruits.
6. Ochoosi get a rooster.
1. Don’t do black magic.
2. Don’t smoking around Ifa or in igbodun.
3. Don’t raise your hit anyone.
4. Don’t wear red and black clothes; those are your enemies. Use for spiritual work.
5. No salt or spicy foods or red sauces.
6. Don’t card gambling because you will go bankrupt.
7. Don’t sleep with other people’s people; no cheating.
8. No incest or rape.
9. No intestinal food. Liver, gizzards, chitlins.
10. No feet or head of any animal.
11. Hotdogs made with pig intestines. Those made without intestines are fine.
12. Avoid breaking the law. No speeding. Wear your seat-belt.
13. Don’t be smoking illegal drugs and driving. No riding dirty and low.
14. No drinking any type of alcohol. wine, Beer, liquor. When you are high your Ori don’t think well.
15. No illegal substances that alters your mind.
16. No substances that alter your decisions and your mind.
17. Do not take anything from the dead.
18. Do not steal what you don’t own.
19. No weapons, because it will used against you.
20. Don’t hide stuff beneath the bed or between the mattress.
21. Don’t buy or live in a corner house. Be careful of accidents. Put up barriers if you already do live in one.
22. Do not play in the rain. This is how you avoid getting sick.
23. Don’t eat sweet potato, sour-sop and peanuts; they are taboo.
24. Leftovers are a no-no. It can go bad and sickness will follow.
25. Don’t wear stripped or torn clothes.
26. Don’t do errands at night.
•Need to get annual physical
•Be careful of infectious disease
•Be careful bad medical diagnosis
•Ejiogbe says Good character
•Having patience and tolerance
•Wear white as much as possible if your job requires dark colors = wear white under your uniform and then take it off when you get home. If you can’t wear white, wear light colored clothing. No black, no red clothing.
•Cool head wins all wars
•Pick your wars and your battles because you won’t win all of them.
•Learn from your past.
•Respect old people. Even if they curse you out.
-Lot of elders will leave us in 2023.
•Obatala is judging everyone no matter who your guardian angel is.
•And he’ll come to your rescue but you have to be right.
•Be nice to the deformed and disabled.
•Identify who is on the other side of the door before you open the door.
•Know the difference between night and day. Night time is for sleeping and day time is for working.
•If you are already in your bed and someone comes and knocks on your door at night do not get up to open the door even if they say it’s god knocking.
•Be careful of close friends or relatives becoming ill with infectious diseases.
•Wear protective gear out if you have to be out in the sun.
•Learn to keep your secrets to yourself.
•Never have fun at other people’s expense.
•Be careful of fires in your house not just from candles, but also electrical shortages.
•Women and men should not wear tight clothing.
•You always have to have your hair neat, washed and clean. You must be groomed.
•You cannot wear clothes that have rips in it.
•No clothes that have been mended. Throw them away.
•You cannot walk the fence when it comes to religion and spirituality. The dog has four legs and when he comes to an intersection, he still can only walk one way. You can’t be a people pleaser. You have to walk your own path.
•You can’t go on Ferris wheels or stairs that spiral upwards.
•When you are not in your right mind, you will conduct yourself in a foolish manner that will bring ruin to your life. Avoid things that will cloud your judgement and your mind.
•You have to walk your destiny. Nobody else’s.
•You need to feed your Ogun a pigeon at the door. The pigeon can be any color.
•Whatever you have pending you need to get it done. If you were supposed to get Palo, warriors, Olokun, etc get it done.
•The ones with Obatala you have to give 16 snails. If you don’t have Obatala, you don’t have to do anything.
•Daughters of Yemaya – she wants to bring you good fortune, don’t abandon her.
•You have to be careful of jealousy and evil eyed people. Betrayal.
•You can’t seek revenge on anybody.
•Bless my enemies based upon their intent. What you wish for me let it be for you.
•Stay away from spicy food. No spaghetti, no red foods. No salt. You can use very little sea salt.
•Be careful with your heart, head, bones.
•Be careful of high blood pressure.
•Women watch your ovaries.
•Men be careful of your prostate.
•Attend to your guardian angel. Tend to them. Learn more about them. That way your guardian angel will back you up.
•Bathe in an herbal bath. 21 herbs.
•If you do the right thing, you can make great wealth.
•Can’t have many sexual partners.
•Tend to your Esu.
•Sweep and clean where you live.
•Circulation. Do some exercise.
•Protect your eyes, legs, and feet.
•First impressions. Don’t be vain and egotistic. Be humble. Be respectful. Don’t brag. Be presentable. Don’t look like a pauper.
•If you are in this way of life, you need respect the things you have.
•Be careful of wars. You have to be careful of the government creating divisions and wars. Know how to protect yourself.
•Beware of rumors and gossip. You will be judge.
•If you do the right thing, you can be successful. You’ll have a lot of opportunities. Don’t partner with people. You need to be in business by yourself; you need to be the only operator. You need to be the boss- CEO.
•Keep praying to meet your goals. Always give thanks to your guardian angel.
•If it is a rat, call it a rat not a rabbit.
CLOSING ODU: Ogunda Irete (come to confirmed Ejiogbe)
•Don’t lie or abuse women.
•Don’t kill butterflies.
•Don’t be cruel.
•Don’t put of what you can do today for tomorrow.
•Don’t promise anything to anybody.
•Don’t carry any weapons.
•You have to be careful of arguments that turn into something fatal.
•Removal of obstacles provides renewed life.
•Be truthful but keep your thoughts to yourself.
•Go to Oya for children.
•Iyami for wealth.
•Power by the Ori
•Clean yourself with pork or pork chops and give it to Ogun and if you don’t have Ogun take it to the train track.
•The secrets of zombies. People walk around lost. Religions are separated. Nothing in their heads, clueless.
•Nobody believes the Awo.
•Moral law that governs the life of human beings.
•Be careful of women and men gossiping they create big problems.
•Speaks about wars, civil wars, gang wars, and family wars.
•If you entrust your secrets to your friends, you become a slave to your friends.
•Betrayal, unlimited ambition
•This odu says that homosexuality try to assimilate the secrets of the religion. If they don’t respect Ifa in its original form, they can lose their mind.
•Give thanks to Ogun, Orunmila, and the mothers.
•Take baths in omiero to get rid of the dirt.
•Ifa prohibits a man with two women.
•Be honest and be decent. Be careful of tragedy and gossip.
•Respect Obatala. Ogun will stand up for Obatala. If you are wrong, Obatala is giving permission to Ogun to go to battle with you.
•Be careful of jail.
•Whatever you start you must finish or accept the failure.
•It is through Olokun we come into the world and thru Olokun will leave.
•A lot of bad weather and floods.
•Lot of bloodshed and destruction.
•Grow your own food.
•Ifa will become the boss on Earth.
•You must offer sacrifice to your Ori.
•Wash your private area with white flowers or basil.
PALO MAYOMBE (for those who practice):
Mama Chola
EBO: 5 hens and leave the heads inside. Give also sweet clear wine and perfume.
Fine cornmeal, river water, fresh parsley, and honey. Parsley in bender with honey and a little water. Make a paste with the cornmeal. Wash your hands with it and pray for owo (money). Rinse with river water and pat dry. On the fifth day, with the leftover paste do the same with your body. You can’t pick up trash during this time.
Oloye Iyanife Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi-Spencer (Ayaba OchaBi Fabuluji-Faseye)
Babaolorish/Oriate Turbado Marabou-Odusola Esudina Faseye
Apetibi Olaifa Faseye
Awotunde Faseye
Apetibi EfunYale – Terri Bailey
Antonio Jefferson
Antwan Jefferson
Lamonteria Johnson
Yasmin Jackson
Jamal Anderson
Derrick Hill
Keyanna Smith
Chanel Lord
Ebony Baxter
Cason Lyons
Yolanda Ross
Kerkland Kerr, Jr.
Orunmila & Ela
Orisa Odu & IyaNla
Ogbogbo Ancestors
Ogbogbo Orisas

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