American Ifa 2016


On 12/21/2015

Afavi (IyaNifa) Ayaba OchaBi Fabuluje Ifaseye Ika meji Ile Ikoko Ata

Afavi Ayaba Oloye Erelu-Abiye Unsi-Tassinon, Ika Fun,

Shaina Yemajah Apetebi de ifa

Efunyale Obatala Apetebi de Ifa

Awotunde Ade Ogun

Turbado Esudino

Gbogbo Devotees


LAB: Obi Nganga etawa ire/Alafia; obi egun/egungun: etawa/alafia

LEADING ODU (Ikin ifa): Ogunda Otura (Ogunda’tetura; Ogunda’Tetuala)/ ejiogbe ‘edi AFA KPONLI (AFA Odu): Guda Tula


IRE: Ejiogbe, Ire elese Olodumare tesi Timbelaye, not firm without proper ebo (all our luck and blessings is coming from God)

IBI: Warns not to put yourself in the hole, which you dig for yourselves.

EBODE: Irosun’Rete (Loso Lete)

LEADING ORISHA: Sango, Ogun and Oshun

Oriki Orunmila:

Orunmila, ajomisanra, ibi keji Olodumare Eleri Ipin, Omo ope kan ti nsoro dogi dogi, Ara Ado, Ewi, ara Igbajo, ara Iresi, ara Ikole, ara Igeti, ara oke Itase, Ara iwonran ibi ojumo ti nmo waiye akoko Olokun, oro ajo epo ma pon, Olago lagi okunrin ti nmu ara ogidan le, o ba iku ja gba omo e sile, Odudu ti ndu ori emere, o tun ori ti ko sunwon se, Orunmila ajike, Orunmila ajike, Orunmila aji fi oro rere lo. Ase


The spirit of fate, dew and eternal source of life, word and exultant strength, next to Olodumare, Witness to creation, offspring, palm tree, spark, eternal force. Ado native, native EWI native Igbajo, Iresi native, native Ikole, Igeti native, native Itase Hill, This native generator sea pure mystical Is the most powerful who gives youthful vitality, who rescues children from the wrath of death. The great savior who saves youth, he saves the lost, Orunmila is worth pleas in the morning, Orunmila is worthy of praise in the morning, Orunmila is worthy of prayers for the good things in life. Ase.

Ogunda: In Ire (positive statement) involve internal strength with intelligence.

Otura: In Ire (positive statement): The representation of a wise person, able to use the experience in the day.

Joining these Irunmoles: In Ire (positive event): The healthy maintenance of our relationships as a result of honesty


FLAG: white trim with yellow and black

REFLECTION: Health (mental and physical), war, slavery, and servant

MAFEREFUN: Olodumare, Sango, Ogun, Oshun

EBO: four legs to Ogun, 2 Roosters to Sango, 2 Hens to Oshun, Ewe baths,

SPEAKING: Olodumare, Orunmila, Opele, Esu, Osanyin, Iyami Osoronga, Ogun, Oshun, Sango, Oya, Orishanla, Obaluaye

VODUN JEJE: Mami, Lisa, Dan, Ke, Tohosu, Hevioso (Sango), Gu (ogun), Ososi (Obatola),

“The last will become first”

“Turtle face was so passive Olodumare could not manipulate”

“From the sky you see everything”

“Marks the beginning of a turbulent time”

“Marks a significant change – ultimately positive after trial and tribulation with change and proper ebo ”


o Slavery – slave trade

o Religious boredom89982173

o Esu Obuko

o Hypochondriac

o Hypocrite

o Betrayal

o Exploitation

o Robbery

o Anger

o Wars and battles

o Sacred crowns

o Ile koro – the city of spirits

o Embarrassment of Sango hanging himself, accompanied by this faithful servant Aba

o Must take good care of Ogun and Sango

o A spirit called Kalawao – white person

o The mark of mental and physical illness by enemies – suicide

o Palm oil is taboo for Esu

o The declarations of Ifa to Sagbagiriyan

o Those who are honest

o The support of the deities

o Being responsible and reliable Ako kiye! A bird of infinite beauty is in charge of the Kingdom of witchcraft


o Alcohol

o Do not use force

o The fraud

o Abstinence

o Manipulation

o Carrying things on the head


Palm oil is taboo for Esu (Elegba) in this sign. Use peanut oil for all the orisha and Esu Use Palm Oil for Iyami only

STORY: Adikun the mother of Olufon was taken as a slave and she became the wife of Oduduwa and later gave birth to Eshu Olankin. She would bathe him with palm oil. Olankin used to become enraged. This is the reason why Oya is called Adikun since the palm oil is called adi and this is TABOO, for ÈṢÙ. DO NOT GIVE PALM OIL TO ÈṢÙ THIS YEAR! USE PEANUT OIL (Groundnut oil)


o The honesty

o Good character

o Humility


  • Respect the physical and spiritual mothers
  • People will be leaving the religion because of weariness – abandonment
  • Learning things that is not true from godparents
  • Godparents abandoning the children – outgrow each other
  • There will be wars between families, neighbors, friends, countries and governments
  • People will take care of their ori
  • People have to avoid getting involve in other people problems
  • People have to reframe from gossip, arguments and hearsay
  • People have to make sure they are getting proper help to not fall into big trouble; if you are not a initiated priest…there are things that you should not be doing
  • Have to make sure people are doing the right thing that they don’t become slave to the spirits and can’t escape their problems • This odu talks about assassination – self destructions
  • This odu talk about witchcraft from other pagan religions
  • This odu talk about not giving esu and orisa palm oil, leave the palm oil for Iyami
  • This odu talk about being careful in signing contracts or doing things in 3’s
  • This odu talks about not opening and holding other people’s mail
  • This odu talks about not buying stolen items or the police will arrest you
  • The people need not lie
  • People who carry weapons- be careful that the weapon don’t be use against you and you see your own death….just put it away
  • People need to not keep birds caged in their home
  • Here is where people are leaving Olodumare out of their prayers
  • Here is where people are cursing for the lack of things, always thinking that others may have it better than themselves….worry about self.
  • Be careful where you walk so you bring no harm to yourselves.
  • People must take care of their mothers both physically and spiritually
  • Women have to take care of their internal organs…a lot surgeries for women and their wombs
  • Women being with jealous men can cause struggles and physical abuse issues and situations
  • Women who are single and are surrounded by suitors are in a great position to be married. Orunmila should be consulted to decide on the one
  • Back pains and headaches from stress
  • Talks about the spiritual cleansing that is done at the sea; Orunmila is talking about the ceremony to Olokun to stay clean
  • People have to be careful with their siblings who may have bad feelings and it turn into war and loss of life
  • Children leaving home for apparent reason
  • Ifa says that emotional depression indicates that many people are not aligned with their destiny


  • Increasing family
  • Promoting prevention against diseases
  • Recognizing the power of nature and respecting the orisha
  • Avoid being disrespectful to our environment
  • Work on understanding self
  • Working with ogun for financial gain
  • Working with ogun in spiritual houses so the house is not empty
  • Everyone must work together with ogun in their spiritual house to reap the benefits
  • Give Mami WATA sweets, perfumes, sweet powders for money gain
  • Give our egbe a lot of sweets pastries for money gain
  • Oyu being the deity of fate always indicates that a good attitude must be implemented to avoid negativity that harms life
  • Combine Orunmila beads on the eleke of oshun and add coral inside ifa
  • Good relationship with the mother provides spiritual protection


  • Take care of your health
  • Take care of your ori (head)
  • Take care of your children so they don’t leave home to soon
  • Don’t get into wars and battles that are not yours
  • Be careful what you say to people which can turn into arguments and fights
  • Avoid fraudulent activities and fabrications that turns into lies
  • Don’t wear a lot of things around the neck – void being hung
  • Take care of Ogun and Sango
  • Wear as much white as possible
  • Put Olodumare in all prayers
  • Respect yourself to respect others
  • Develop good character
  • Be honest
  • Have humility
  • Work a lot with ancestors and spiritual guides
  • Work a lot with your Egbe and Mami giving them sweets, so-on
  • Get close to Ifa- Fa- Afa
  • Keep yourself spiritual and physically clean
  • Pay attention to business contracts
  • Don’t buy hot or stolen items
  • Void arguments with family, friends, neighbors, and so-on
  • Being responsible and reliable
  • To balance the emotional state and gain hope, face the inner fear that does not allow the determination, since it is the negativity that ties us to despair
  • Do not waste time fighting the enemies, as this action will cause diseases
  • The justification is characteristic
  • The hypocrisy is often seen only to people who allow this type of attitude in their lives to fill the inner emptiness of what they are


  • Ceiba
  • Hala Hala
  • Jobo
  • Curujey
  • Guasina

Odu Ogunda Tura oracle 207:1 : by Ifa international foundation Sakamba (I am quite clean) was divined for Ota (stone) in the water, We gear sickness, Ota-Omi was told not to be afraid of sickness And was asked to offer sacrifice so that he might not be sick Ota-Omi was further asked to offer sacrifice so that he would remain stationary The sacrifice: a snail, a pigeon, 3200 cowries and ifa leaves He heard and sacrificed and was free from sickness

Oracle 207:2: Ogundata-tura, it is good that enables one to overcome enemy. An ill-favored person can be easily entrapped by his enemy. Who gave birth to me? An ill-favored person is one whom most people believes to be turned and yet he thinks that he is much loved. In strong winds, egbee plant fall upone another; in lie manner, my enemies will die one after the other. they will never befriend one another; the male lizards do not befriend one another in a short time. (this is said when cleaning with ifa leaves and irosu powder)


The odu came with Ire (good) however Ogunda is always a difficult sign to live with that why it is necessary to list the Ibi (bad) or negative aspects of this sign. If we only look for the good in the ODUS and do nothing to stop the bad things, we might as well not even pay attention to any of what is said about the good. Life is about balance and duality.

We of American Ifa-Fa-AFA wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous year ahead. Àṣẹ!