Orisha and Ifa Bankruptcy

By Iyalemole Dr. Queenchiku Ngozi-Fabuluje

November 28th, 2019

American Ifa, 6-25-underwater-art-02US, Florida: There are several types of bankruptcy: corporate bankruptcy, individual bankruptcy, spiritual bankruptcy, Orisha bankruptcy, and so-on. Several U.S. lawyers contributed a definition on Wikipedia stating that bankruptcy “is a process that people or others entitles who cannot repay debts to creditors (ex. Orishas/Ifa) may seek relief (ex. ebo/offerings) from some or all of their debts.” The Orisa and Ifa file bankruptcy against the people who disregard the rules, laws, values, morals, authentications, and spiritual practices. In the firstand second diasporas (American, Cuban and Caribbean) as well as in the Yoruba Traditional practices, the Orishas and Ifa will file bankruptcy because people are insufficient, fraudulent, irresponsible, inconsistent, negligent, lack morals and values, lack transparency, lack authentications, accept Ajoguns, and commit spiritual suicide. In 1999, Frisch stated that spiritual bankruptcy is a disease like self-sabotage (Odu Oyeku Meji). The bankruptcy effects an individual’s total being – mind, body, character, and spirit (Odu Oturupon Meji). In Odu Oturupon-Owonrin, Ifa said “the disease affects not only the mind, but half the body and the genital disease causes a person to be lazy.” There are so many lies written, developmental progressive cults, and male domination occults in today’s societies until it is becoming an overwhelming amount of spiritual disorders, impediments (Odu Irete Olota), and bad forces knocking at a person’s door (Odu Oturupon Oyeku).

It’s almost as if the Ajoguns are working overtime as debt collectors for the Orisa and Ifa. Ajoguns are negative spirits created by Olodumare. Ajoguns are malevolent forces, belligerent enemies, war mongers, and dark spirits such as Orisa Iku, Orisas of diseases, greed, hatreds, sickness, selfishness, loneliness, and so-on (LaGamma & Pemberton, 2000). These forces are usually in the business of spoiling sacrifices and have eternal differences with either the Orishas or Ifa (Odu Irete Meji and Ika Meji). There is an insensitive affiliation between the Ajoguna and Orishas/Ifa (Odu Ose Odi). Ajogun victims are the people who break the taboos of the Orishas and Ifa. They cause Orisa and Ifa to file spiritual bankruptcy. In 2011, Borghini stated online that “spiritual bankruptcy maybe a state of complete lack of some abstract property.” Good properties that please the Orisha and Ifa are replaced. The void instead is filled with self-absorption, oblivion, despair, depression, self-centeredness, morality deprivation, rejection of truth, chaos, financial inadequacy, lies, laziness, boredom, loss, abandonment, greed, death, and so-on (Odu Irete Meji, Ose Odi, and Ejiogbe). The person ends up in debt, owing the Orisa or Ifa or eguns. This causes the individual to become disconnected from the Orisa/Ifa. Not only that, but they now have a distorted viewpoint of the world (Frisch, 1999). They blame the Orisa and Ifa for their suffering instead of looking at their actions and at their disregard for the Orisa and Ifa’s teachings and advice.

Materialism causes spiritual bankruptcy. In Irete Meji, “They slapped him in the face, Imulegbe was another student of Orunmila, they tore his odun dress to shreds. Orunmila declared that he never knew that he had no honor in Ile-Ife anymore… Orunmila got angry and he left Ile-Ife together with his two students. They headed for Zelujuu-ko-seke-ko-sokun in the deep forest. The inhabitants of Ile-Ife began to live in misery and confusion. Penis became switch, female genital became leather, pregnant women were unable to deliver safely, barren women could not become pregnant, oba’s horses had no grass to eat, the rich became chronic debtors, the invalid could not regain their health, those who had hitherto been giving birth to bouncing babies began to deliver still-births, they were running from pillar to post, they went to all the awos… When Ajogun overwhelmed them completely, they were advised to offer ebo… They begged Orisa for a long time, Orunmila refused to accept their apology…” Orunmila says the Ifa did not lie nor did Orisha fail to accommodate when you did not get things you wished for in the time you desired it (Odu Ose’rete).

People get into Orishas and Ifa practices for all the wrong reasons. Some believe it is a get out of jail card or a get rich quick scheme. For others, it’s a way to do witchcraft or further their position on the authority list. Some people make-up astro-initiations and collect titles. Babalawos, oloshas, and Paleros provide faulty advice when they themselves are spiritually bankrupt. When Babalawos, olosha, and Paleros keep their bad habits after initiation, it shows they are disconnected still and have not reach the supreme blessedness.  Many people are not ready to take on the commitment to Orisha and Ifa. People want to continue living their old life while swinging Orisha and Ifa Gucci beads. People are then angry when their life is not flourishing as they believe it should. Better yet, they believe that the Orisha and Ifa have abandoned them. However, the far more plausible explanation is that the Orisha and Ifa have abandoned their bad habits and continuous disrespect towards Mother Earth and the forces of nature. Or even, that the debt the people owed the Orishas which they believed they paid when they did either ebo or addimus (offerings) or die (Odu Iwori Meji) was not in fact paid in full in the eyes of the Orisha and Ifa. It can simply be that they and their own spiritual twin in heaven are not in harmony or their own ori has taken them in the wrong directions.  It does matter when the Odu Ifa states that people owe a debt (Odu Okanran Meji). The Orisa and Ifa do not just up and abandon you for no reason. Today, many people are seeing the world in chaos and feeling the needs of food to feed a void where some people assumed the Orishas and Ifa had abandoned them (Odu Ogunda Okanran). People may approach Orisa differently due to their personalities. This I believe is causing one of the major reasons as to why each of the Orisa and Orunmila have abandoned the people or world. The bankruptcy is unavoidable because of people’s different definitions of Orisha, Ifa, and spiritual development (Kennedy, 2013). People can be their own worst enemy (Odu Okanran Meji). This has continued to develop a long-term spiritual bankruptcy. With the quality of being bankrupt or in debt with the Orisa and Ifa, the individual is in deep trouble. Return on Investment is best when everything is in alignment with truth, respect, and honor (Odu Ose’tura, Osa’tura, and Ejiogbe).

Therefore, know how, why and for what reasons you are investing in the orisha and or Ifa as well as your ancestors. The important thing is to know how much time you willing to invest in the orisha. It’s like that old cliché “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish he will never be hungry…he will eat for a lifetime.” Know your teacher and be committed to studying every day. Live what you desire because you’ll get what you put in. Orisha live because you live! Happy Day of Giving Thanks!



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